The reporting architecture of CFEngine Enterprise uses two software components from the CFEngine Enterprise hub package.


Like all CFEngine components, cf-hub is located in /var/cfengine/bin. It is a daemon process that runs in the background, and is started by cf-agent and from the init scripts.

cf-hub wakes up every 5 minutes and connects to the cf-serverd of each host to download new data.

To collect reports from any host manually, run the following:

/var/cfengine/bin/cf-hub -H <host IP>
  • Add -v to run in verbose mode to diagnose connectivity issues and trace the data collected.

  • Delta (differential) reporting, the default mode, collects data that has changed since the last collection. Rebase (full) reports collect everything. You can choose the full collection by adding -q rebase (for backwards comapatibility, also available as -q full).


REST over HTTP is provided by the Apache http server which also hosts the Mission Portal. The httpd process is started through CFEngine policy and the init scripts and listens on ports 80 and 443 (HTTP and HTTP/S).

Apache is part of the CFEngine Enterprise installation in /var/cfengine/httpd. A local cfapache user is created with privileges to run cf-runagent.