Create a new alert

  • From the Dashboard, locate the rectangle with the dotted border.

  • When the cursor is hovering over top, an Add button will appear.

New Alerts

  • Click the button to begin creating the alert.

New Alerts Name

  • Add a unique name for the alert.

  • Each alert has a visual indication of its severity, represented by one of the following colors:

    • Low: Yellow
    • Medium: Orange
    • High: Red

New Alerts Severity

  • From the Severity dropdown box, select one of the three options available.

  • The Select Condition drop down box represents an inventory of existing conditional rules, as well as an option to create a new one

New Alerts Condition

  • When selecting an existing conditional rule, the name of the condition will automatically populate the mandatory condition Name field.

  • When creating a new condition the Name field must be filled in.

New Alerts Condition Type

  • Each alert also has a Condition type:

    • Policy conditions trigger alerts based on CFEngine policy compliance status. They can be set on bundles, promisees, and promises. If nothing is specified, they will trigger alerts for all policy.
    • Inventory conditions trigger alerts for inventory attributes. These attributes correspond to the ones found in inventory reports.
    • Software Updates conditions trigger alerts based on packages available for update in the repository. They can be set either for a specific version or trigger on the latest version available. If neither a package nor a version is specified, they will trigger alerts for any update.
    • Custom SQL conditions trigger alerts based on an SQL query. The SQL query must returns at least one column - hostkey.
  • Alert conditions can be limited to a subset of hosts.

New Alerts Hosts

  • Notifications of alerts may be sent by email or custom action scripts.

New Alerts Notifications

  • Check Email notifications box to activate the field for entering the email address to notify.

  • The Remind me dropdown box provides a selection of intervals to send reminder emails for triggered events.