Information about the currently issued license can be obtained from the About section in Mission Portal web interface or from the command line as shown here.

Note: When the CFEngine Enterprise license expires report collection is limited. No agent side functionality is changed. However if you are using functions or features that rely on information collected by the hub, that information will no longer be a reliable source of data.

Get license info via API

Run from the hub itself.

curl -u admin http://localhost/api/

Get license info from cf-hub

Run as root from the hub itself.

cf-hub --show-license
License file:     /var/cfengine/licenses/hub-SHA=d13c14c3dc46ef1c5824eb70ffae3a1d1c67c7ce70a1e8e8634b1324d0041131.dat
License status:   Valid
License count:    50
Company name:     CFEngine (
License host key: SHA=2e5c7d9636c5644d023d71859f3296755f8d53d5d183af98efc1540655731fcc
Expiration date:  3018-01-01
Utilization:      20/50 (Approximate)