agent bundles


Prototype: cfe_internal_systemd_unit_files

Description: This bundle is responsible for ensuring the systemd units are in place with the proper content and permissions. Any time a unit is repaired systemd is reloaded and the repaired unit(s) are restarted. the cfe_internal_systemd_unit_state bundle is responsible for making sure the service units are in the appropriate state. So a service may be restarted because of a change, and subsequently stopped if the desired state was for it to not be running.


bundle agent cfe_internal_systemd_unit_files

      "systemctl" string => "/bin/systemctl";

        string => "/etc/systemd/system",
        comment => "This is the directory where the systemd units should be

        string => "$(this.promise_dirname)/../../templates",
        comment => "This is where the templates for the units exist. In the
                    templates dir in the root of masterfiles.";

        slist => { @(cfe_internal_update_processes.all_agents) },
        handle => "systemd_core_units",
        comment => "These are the services which should have systemd units on all systems.";



        create => "true",
        edit_template => "$(unit_template_dir)/$(service_units).service.mustache",
        template_method => "mustache",
        classes => u_results( "bundle", "cfe_systemd_service_unit_$(service_units)" ),
        perms => u_mog("644", "root", "root"),
        comment => "We need to make each service units content is correct.";



        args => "daemon-reload",
        handle => "cfe_internal_systemd_unit_files_reload_when_changed",
        if => classmatch("cfe_systemd_service_unit_.*_repaired"),
        comment => "We need to reload the systemd configuration after any unit
                    is changed in order for systemd to recognize the change.";

        args => "restart $(service_units).service",
        handle => "cfe_internal_systemd_unit_restart_when_changed",
        if => and(classify("cfe_systemd_service_unit_$(service_units)_repaired"),
                  returnszero("$(systemctl) --quiet is-active $(service_units)", noshell)),
        comment => "We need to restart any units which have been changed in
                    order for the new configuration to be in effect. But we only
                    want to restart them if they are currently running.";



Prototype: cfe_internal_systemd_service_unit_state

Description: This bundle is responsible for managing the various cfengine components units state. It uses information from cfe_internal_update_processes.agents_to_be_enabled, cfe_internal_update_processes.agents_to_be_disabled to determine which units should be running or not.


bundle agent cfe_internal_systemd_service_unit_state

      "enabled" slist => { @(cfe_internal_update_processes.agents_to_be_enabled) };

        slist => { @(cfe_internal_update_processes.agents_to_be_disabled) };

      "Disabled Components"
        usebundle => u_systemd_services( $(disabled), "stop");

      "Enabled Components"
        usebundle => u_systemd_services( $(enabled), "start" );