Functions are parameterized "RVALUES". Parameter values need to be of the type and range as documented for each functions. Some functions are documented with a ..., in which case they take an arbitrary amount of parameters.

They can return scalar and list values:

      "random" int => randomint("0", "100");
      "list" slist => readstringlist("/tmp/listofstring", "#.*", "\s", 10, 400);

In addition, functions with return type class evaluate to true or false. The class on the left-hand side is set if the function evaluates to true. If the function evaluates to false, then the class remains unchanged.

    bundle agent test
      "five" int => "5";
      "seven" " int => "7";
      "ok" expression => islessthan("$(five)","$(seven)");


        "$(five) is smaller than $(seven)";

        "$(seven) is smaller than $(five)";


There are a large number of functions built into CFEngine, and finding the right one to use can be a daunting task. The following pages are might make it easier for you to find the function you need.