Getting Started

A positive experience with CFEngine software means that you are able to install it, try it out, and learn it. We provide that experience here:

Install It

Install CFEngine Read about our various editions and install the CFEngine edition that’s best for your organization. CFEngine features an Enterprise version for production environments and a Community (open-source) edition. We offer two ways to install and evaluate Enterprise before you purchase it.

Try It

We learn best by doing. -- Aristotle (paraphrased)

Tutorials Walk through the tutorials to get a better feel for the power and value of CFEngine.

Examples Once you understand how CFEngine works, refer to our policy examples to save time as you begin to define the desired end states of your organization’s IT systems. Find these examples on our website and in our github repository.

Learn It

Learn the concepts of CFEngine such as its design, architecture, and components. Also learn about promise theory and the phases of managing systems with CFEngine.

Learning Resources In addition to the documentation that's provided on our website, we provide guides, demos, and other resources from our CFEngine staff and our special CFEngine contributors.

Use our Help

Find Answers We provide a number of ways to connect you to CFEngine experts if you need more help. Contact us!