CFEngine Examples

You can find more examples for CFEngine Code in the Design Center GitHub repository.

Running the Example policies

The policy files can be found in /var/cfengine/share/doc/examples. You can test them locally by copying the respective _example_file.cf_ file into /var/cfengine/inputs and running:

$ /var/cfengine/bin/cf-agent -f

Integrating the Example into your Main Policy

Make the example policy part of your main policy by doing the following on your policy server:

  1. Copy the file from /var/cfengine/share/doc/examples to /var/cfengine/masterfiles.

  2. Delete the body common control section in /var/cfengine/masterfiles/

    body common control
      bundlesequence  => { "testbundle" };
  1. Insert the example's bundle name in the bundlesequence section of the main policy file /var/cfengine/masterfiles/
    bundlesequence => {
  1. Insert the policy file name in the inputs section of the main policy file /var/cfengine/masterfiles/
    inputs => {
  1. CONDITIONAL If the example contains a control body section (e.g. body agent control):

You cannot have duplicate control bodies (i.e. two agent control bodies, one in the main file and one in the example) as CFEngine won't know which it should use and they may conflict.

To resolve this, copy the contents of the control body section from the example into the identically named control body section in the main policy file /var/cfengine/masterfiles/promises.cfand then remove the control body from the example.

  1. You must remove the inputs section from the example, which includes the external library:
    inputs => {

This is necessary, since is already included in the inputs section of the master policy.

The example policy will now be executed every five minutes along with the rest of your main policy.

Notes: You may have to fill the example with data before it will work. For example, the LDAP query in needs a domain name. In the variable declaration, replace "cftesting" with your domain name:

        # NOTE: Edit this to your domain, e.g. "corp"
       "domain_name" string => "cftesting";