Prototype: format(string, ...)

Return type: string

Description: Applies sprintf-style formatting to a given string.

This function will format numbers (o, x, d and f) or strings (s) but not potentially dangerous things like individual characters or pointer offsets.

This function will fail if it doesn't have enough arguments; if any format specifier contains the modifiers hLqjzt; or if any format specifier is not one of doxfs.


    bundle agent run
          "v" string => "2.5.6";
          "vlist" slist => splitstring($(v), "\.", 3);
          "padded" string => format("%04d%04d%04d", nth("vlist", 0), nth("vlist", 1), nth("vlist", 2));
          "a" string => format("%10.10s", "x");
          "b" string => format("%-10.10s", "x");
          "c" string => format("%04d", 1);
          "d" string => format("%07.2f", 1);
          "e" string => format("hello %s, my IP is %s", $(sys.policy_hub), $(sys.ipv4));

          "version $(v) => padded $(padded)";
          "%10.10s on 'x' => '$(a)'";
          "%-10.10s on 'x' => '$(b)'";
          "%04d on '1' => '$(c)'";
          "%07.2f on '1' => '$(d)'";
          "hello my IP is... => '$(e)'";