This function is only available in CFEngine Enterprise.

Prototype: ldaparray(array, uri, dn, filter, scope, security)

Return type: class

Description: Fills array with the entire LDAP record, and returns whether there was a match for the search.

This function retrieves an entire record with all elements and populates an associative array with the entries. It returns a class that is true if there was a match for the search, and false if nothing was retrieved.


  • array : Array name, in the range .*

String name of the array to populate with the result of the search

  • uri : URI, in the range .*

String value of the ldap server. e.g. "ldap://ldap.cfengine.com.no"

  • dn : Distinguished name, in the range .*

Distinguished name, an ldap formatted name built from components, e.g. "dc=cfengine,dc=com".

  • filter : Filter, in the range .*

String filter criterion, in ldap search, e.g. "(sn=User)".

  • scope : Search scope policy, one of

    • subtree
    • onelevel
    • base
  • security : Security level, one of

    • none
    • ssl
    • sasl

Menu option indicating the encryption and authentication settings for communication with the LDAP server. These features might be subject to machine and server capabilities.



   "gotdata" expression => ldaparray(