Custom pages requiring authenticated users

Mission Portal can render static text files (html, sql, txt, etc ...) for users which are logged in.

How to use

Upload files to $(sys.workdir)/httpd/htdocs/application/modules/files/static_files on your hub. Access the content using the url https://hub/files/view/file_name.html, where file_name.html is the name of a file. Please note, uploaded files should have read permission for cfapache user.

Custom help menu entries

The help menu Mission portal help menu. It can be useful if you would like to make extra content like documentation easily avilable to users.

How to use

Upload html files into $(sys.workdir)/httpd/htdocs/application/views/extraDocs/ on your hub. Menu items will appear named for each html file where underscores are replaced with spaces. Files must be readable by the cfapache user.


File test_documentation.html was uploaded to the directory specified above.

Extended menu

Mission Portal Style

Use the following structure in your HTML to style the page the same as the rest of Mission Portal.

<div class="contentWrapper help">
    <div class="pageTitle">
        <h1>PAGE TITLE</h1>

     <!-- CONTENT --->