During install the CFEngine Enterprise Hub Package pre-configures PostgreSQL with a configuration for low (<3GB), medium (>3GB <64GB) or high (>64GB) memory which adjusts the values of effective_cache_size, shared_buffers, and maintenance_work_mem.

Depending on various factors your postgresql.conf may benefit from further tuning.

Parameters commonly tuned:

  • max_connections

  • shared_buffers

  • effective_cache_size

  • maintenance_work_mem

  • checkpoint_completion_target

  • wal_buffers

  • default_statistics_target

  • random_page_cost

  • effective_io_concurrency

  • work_mem

  • min_wal_size

  • max_wal_size

Tuning tools like pgtune and pgconfigurator can be helpful in adjusting your settings.

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