Prototype: bundlesmatching(name, tag1, tag2, ...)

Return type: slist

Description: Return the list of defined bundles matching name and any tags given. Both bundlename and tags are regular expressions. name is required, tags are optional.

This function searches for the given anchored name and tag1, tag2, ... regular expression in the list of currently defined bundles.

Every bundle is prefixed with the namespace, usually default:.

When any tags are given, only the bundles with those tags are returned. Bundle tags are set a tags variable within a meta promise; see the example below.

This function, used together with the findfiles function, allows you to do dynamic inputs and a dynamic bundle call chain. The dynamic chain is constrained by an explicit regular expression to avoid accidental or intentional running of unwanted bundles.


  • name: string - Regular expression - in the range: .*


body common control
      bundlesequence => { mefirst };

bundle common g

      # Here we find all bundles in the default namespace whos name starts with
      # run.

      "todo" slist => bundlesmatching("default:run.*");

bundle agent mefirst

      # Here, we actuate each of the bundles that were found using
      # bundlesmatching in bundle common g.

      "" usebundle => $(g.todo);

bundle agent run_deprecated
      # This bundle is tagged with deprecated
      "tags" slist => { "deprecated" };

bundle agent run_123_456
      # Here we find all bundles in our policy.
      "bundles" slist => bundlesmatching(".*");

      # Here we find all the bundles that are tagged as deprecated.
      "deprecated_bundles" slist => bundlesmatching(".*", "deprecated");

      # Here we find all bundles that match 891 (none will).
      "no_bundles" slist => bundlesmatching("891");

      # Here we report on our findings:
      "bundles = $(bundles)";
      "deprecated bundles = $(deprecated_bundles)";
      "no bundles = $(no_bundles)";


R: bundles = default:run_123_456
R: bundles = default:run_deprecated
R: bundles = default:mefirst
R: bundles = default:g
R: deprecated bundles = default:run_deprecated

See also: findfiles().