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Prototype: packagesmatching(package_regex, version_regex, arch_regex, method_regex)

Return type: data

Description: Return a data container with the list of installed packages matching the parameters.

This function searches for the anchored regular expressions in the list of currently installed packages.

The return is a data container with a list of package descriptions, looking like this:

    "name": "bfoobar",
    "version": "1",
    "arch": "besm6",
    "method": "printf"

The following code extracts just the package names, then looks for some desired packages, and finally reports if they are installed.

body common control

      bundlesequence => { "missing_packages" };

bundle agent missing_packages
    "desired" slist => { "mypackage1", "mypackage2" };

    "installed" data => packagesmatching(".*",".*",".*",".*");
    "installed_indices" slist => getindices(installed);
    "installed_name[$(installed_indices)]" string => "$(installed[$(installed_indices)][name])";
    "installed_names" slist => getvalues("installed_name");

    "missing_list" slist => difference(desired,installed_names);

    "Missing packages = $(missing_list)";
    "Installed packages = $(installed_names)";
    "Desired packages = $(desired)";

This policy can be found in /var/cfengine/share/doc/examples/ and downloaded directly from github.


  • package_regex: string, in the range: .*
  • version_regex: string, in the range: .*
  • arch_regex: string, in the range: .*
  • method_regex: string, in the range: .*


      "all_packages" data => packagesmatching(".*", ".*", ".*", ".*");

History: Introduced in CFEngine 3.6

See also: packageupdatesmatching().