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Prototype: maparray(pattern, array)

Return type: slist

Description: Returns a list with each array element modified by a pattern.

The $(this.k) and $(this.v) variables expand to the key and value of the array element, similar to the way this is available for maplist.

If a value in the array is an slist, you'll get one result for each value (implicit looping).

The order of the array keys is not guaranteed. Use the sort function if you need order in the resulting output.


  • pattern: string, in the range: .*
  • array: string, in the range: [a-zA-Z0-9_$(){}\[\].:]+


body common control
      bundlesequence => { "run" };

bundle agent run
      "static[2]" string => "lookup 2";
      "static[two]" string => "lookup two";
      "static[big]" string => "lookup big";
      "static[small]" string => "lookup small";

      "todo[1]" string => "2";
      "todo[one]" string => "two";
      "todo[3999]" slist => { "big", "small" };
      "map" slist => maparray("key='$(this.k)', static lookup = '$(static[$(this.v)])', value='$(this.v)'", "todo");

      "mapped array: $(map)";


R: mapped array: key='3999', static lookup = 'lookup big', value='big'
R: mapped array: key='3999', static lookup = 'lookup small', value='small'
R: mapped array: key='one', static lookup = 'lookup two', value='two'
R: mapped array: key='1', static lookup = 'lookup 2', value='2'