cf-reactor is the CFEngine event reaction daemon, it lists to NOTIFY events on the cmdb_refresha PostgreSQL channel and upon a message received, it refreshes the CMDB data file (host_specific.json) for the particular host.


  • cf-reactor is a CFEngine Enterprise hub specific component.

  • Unlike other components there is no control body for cf-reactor, all promises are hard coded within the component.

  • In the future, the daemon should also take care of inventory refresh for hosts (now part of cf-hub) and many DB maintenance tasks that are now promises in the Masterfiles Policy Framework policy under /cfe_internal/enterprise.


  • 3.18.2, 3.20.0 Introduced new component (cf-reactor).

Command reference

  --debug       , -d       - Enable debugging output and run in foreground
  --no-fork     , -F       - Run as a foreground process (do not fork)
  --log-level   , -g value - Specify how detailed logs should be. Possible values: 'error', 'warning', 'notice', 'info', 'verbose', 'debug'
  --help        , -h       - Print the help message
  --inform      , -I       - Print basic information about actions being taken
  --timestamp   , -l       - Log timestamps on each line of log output
  --verbose     , -v       - Output verbose information about the behaviour of the agent
  --version     , -V       - Output the version of the software