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Prototype: sum(list)

Return type: real

Description: Return the sum of the reals in list.

This function can accept many types of data parameters.

This function might be used for simple ring computation. Of course, you could easily combine sum with readstringarray or readreallist etc., to collect summary information from a source external to CFEngine.


  • list: string - CFEngine variable identifier or inline JSON - in the range: .*


body common control
      bundlesequence => { "test" };

bundle agent test
      "adds_to_six" ilist => { "1", "2", "3" };
      "six" real => sum("adds_to_six");
      "adds_to_zero" rlist => { "1.0", "2", "-3e0" };
      "zero" real => sum("adds_to_zero");

      "six is $(six), zero is $(zero)";


R: six is 6.000000, zero is 0.000000

Because $(six) and $(zero) are both real numbers, the report that is generated will be:

six is 6.000000, zero is 0.000000


History: Was introduced in version 3.1.0b1,Nova 2.0.0b1 (2010). The collecting function behavior was added in 3.9.

See also: product(), about collecting functions, and data documentation.