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Prototype: hash(input, algorithm)

Return type: string

Description: Return the hash of input using the hash algorithm.

Hash functions are extremely sensitive to input. You should not expect to get the same answer from this function as you would from every other tool, since it depends on how whitespace and end of file characters are handled.


  • input: string - Input text - in the range: .*
  • algorithm: - Hash or digest algorithm - one of
    • md5
    • sha1
    • sha256
    • sha384
    • sha512


body common control
      bundlesequence => { "example" };

bundle agent example


      "md5" string => hash("Cfengine is not cryptic","md5");
      "sha256" string => hash("Cfengine is not cryptic","sha256");
      "sha384" string => hash("Cfengine is not cryptic","sha384");
      "sha512" string => hash("Cfengine is not cryptic","sha512");


      "Hashed to: md5 $(md5)";
      "Hashed to: sha256 $(sha256)";
      "Hashed to: sha384 $(sha384)";
      "Hashed to: sha512 $(sha512)";



R: Hashed to: md5 2036af0ee58d6d9dffcc6507af92664f
R: Hashed to: sha256 e2fb1927976bfe1ea3987c1a731c75e8ac1453d22a21811dc352db5e62d3f73c
R: Hashed to: sha384 b348c0b83ccd9ee12673f5daaba3ee5f49c42906540936bb16cf9d2001ed502b8c56f6e36b8389ab596febb529aab17f
R: Hashed to: sha512 29ce0883afbe7740bb2a016735499ae5a0a9b067539018ce6bb2c309a7e885c2d7da64744956e9f151bc72ec8dc19f85efd85eb0a73cbf1e829a15ac9ac35358

See also: file_hash()