Archived CFEngine Documentation

This is an old archive of previous versions of the CFEngine documentation up to version 3.0.

Please find the current lst and latest documentation from here:

Standard Library Special Topics Reference Manual

Upgrade CFEngine 2 to CFEngine 3

Advance from CFEngine 2 to the CFEngine 3 Family
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Study the CFEngine language

Plan a CFEngine architecture

CFEngine can be used on or off-line, and is fault-tolerant to network outages. CFEngine has scalable...
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Create Service management

Define and ensure compliance

Auditors for PCI, SOX, HIPPA, STIGS etc. love CFEngine management as it brings reliable predictabili...
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Orchestrate complex processes

CFEngine is a decentralized system, which you can orchestrate in a fault-tolerant manner without str...
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Integrate with System Monitoring

CFEngine's automated repair and self-healing means it has to know about your system state and can re...
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Ensure Speed, Scale and Agility

CFEngine's design is fast and lightweight, for maximum responsiveness. In today's environment, speed

Secure your Systems with CFEngine

CFEngine's is a natural tool for modelling, monitoring and ensuring system security.
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Integrate CFEngine into an ecosystem

CFEngine's is the ultimate glue, offering unlimited customizability. Using a knowledge-oriented appr...
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Get Reports from CFEngine

Browse the knowledge and structures that CFEngine discovers and manages about your systems.
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