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This promise refers to arbitrary text patterns in a file. The pattern is expressed as a PCRE regular expression.


        "search pattern"

           replace_with => replace_body,

In replace_patterns promises, the regular expression may match a line fragment, that is, it is unanchored.

    bundle edit_line upgrade_cfexecd

        "cfexecd" replace_with => value("cf-execd");

    body replace_with value(x)  # defined in
    replace_value => "$(x)";
    occurrences => "all";

This is a straightforward search and replace function. Only the portion of the line that matches the pattern in the promise will be replaced; the remainder of the line will not be affected. You can also use PCRE look-behind and look-ahead patterns to restrict the lines upon which the pattern will match.



Type: body replace_with

See also: Common Body Attributes


Description: Defines which occurrences should be replaced.

Using "first" is generally unwise, as it will change a different matching string each time the promise is executed, and may not "catch up" with whatever external action is altering the text the promise applies to.

Type: (menu option)

Allowed input range:

  • all

Replace all occurrence.

  • first

Replace only the first occurrence. Note: this is non-convergent.

Default value: all


     body replace_with example
     occurrences => "first";        # Warning! Using "first" is non-convergent


Description: Value used to replace regular expression matches in search

Type: string

Allowed input range: .*


     body replace_with example(s)
     replace_value => "$(s)";


Description: Constrains edit_line operations to region identified by matching regular expressions.

This body applies to all promise types within edit_line bundles.

See also: select_region with edit_line operations, select_region in delete_lines, select_region in field_edits, select_region in insert_lines