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The use of XML documents in systems configuration is widespread. XML documents represent data that is complex and can be structured in various ways. The XML based editing offers a powerful environment for editing hierarchical and structured XML datasets.

XML editing promises are made in a edit_xml, which is then used in the edit_xml attribute of a files promise. The promiser of the files promise needs to be the XML document that is being edited. Within an edit_xml bundle, various promise types are available to create new or manipulate existing XML documents.

Common Attributes

The following attributes are available in all edit_xml promise types.


Description: Builds an XPath within the XML file

Please note that when build_xpath is defined as an attribute within an edit_xml promise body, the tree described by the specified XPath will be verified and built BEFORE other edit_xml promises within same promise body. Therefore, the file will not be empty during the execution of such promises.

Type: string

Allowed input range: (arbitrary string)


Description: Select the XPath node in the XML file to edit

Edits to the XML document take place within the selected node. This attribute is not used when inserting XML content into an empty file.

Type: string

Allowed input range: (arbitrary string)