Policy Framework Updates

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CFEngine Policy Framework Updates for 3.6

If you follow the CFEngine masterfiles policy framework (the masterfiles you get out of the box) we encourage you to upgrade the policy framework each time you upgrade CFEngine. We recommend making as few changes as possible to the shipped masterfiles to make these upgrades as painless as possible. Generally the best way to accomplish that is to take your custom policy and integrate it on top of the new masterfiles.

3.6 introduces significant changes to the masterfiles policy framework. Masterfiles was moved out from core into its own repository and was merged with the policy framework from CFEngine Enterprise. Now both the core (CFEngine Community) and CFEngine Enterprise ship with a common masterfiles policy framework. For us it makes maintanence easier, and for the community and customers it ensures that improvements that come into the framework are easily accessible from either product.

Please consult The Policy Framework for a map to the policy framework.

What is new in the 3.6 masterfiles policy framework



Many users create a top level templates directory for global template distribution. We made it easy by creating a templates/ directory that's always copied for you.


The cfe_internal/ directory contains policies that manage how CFEngine runs, much of this is in relation to the Enterprise version.


The inventory/ directory contains policies that do discovery of various inventory attributes.


The sketches/ directory is where Design Center sketches and their associated runfile get deployed.


The update/ directory contains policies that have been split out from the previously monolithic update.cf.

Features defined in def.cf

def.cf has continued various global settings for some time, including various common directories, and simple access control list definition to control which remote hosts could connect. Comparing def.cf from 3.5 and 3.6 will reveal many additions

def.cf also sees the addition of bundle common inventory_control which is responsible for controlling the new inventory bundles. Inventory bundles provide variables and classes that can be useful for both Enterprise reporting and directly from within policy. LSB (Linux Standards Base), Dmidecode, LLDP (Link Layer Discovery Protocol), software installed, mounted filesystems (mtab), configured filesystems (fstab), and proc are some of the inventory policies provided out of the box.

See The Policy Framework to understand inventory modules and learn how you can use the inventory information from within other policy and from the CFEngine Enterprise Mission Portal.

The Standard Library

The standard library lib/3.6/*.cf has seen many improvements. First and foremost is the addition of doxygen style inline documentation. This inline documentation markup is levereged by our documentation system to provide a rendered version of the standard library which is included in the reference manual.

You only need to include $(sys.libdir)/stdlib.cf to get the whole standard library. sys.libdir resolves to the right path for your installation, including the version (3.6, 3.7, etc.)

Of special note: the standard_services has been improved to make it more dynamic, and now has support for systemd, sysvinitd, sysvservice, and chkconfig. New convenianence bundles and bodies for common patterns have been added including:


The update.cf policy got broken up from its monolithic form and now has additional update policies included inside the update directory. bundle common update_def was added to provide a common place to enable features related to policy updates (much like body common def found in def.cf). Please see The Policy Framework for the full details.

  • cfengine_internal_masterfiles_update: This class enables automatic policy deployment on the policy server. This is designed for use with CFEngine Enterprise.
  • cfengine_internal_encrypt_transfers Enables encryption for policy and binary updates done during the update policy. Note: This setting is mirrored in def.cf for CFEngine enterprise reporting. This setting is superfluous when protocol_version is set to 2 or higher which enables TLS encryption for communication.
  • cfengine_internal_purge_policies: Enables purging of policies that no longer exist in masterfiles. Note: This setting is mirrored in promises.cf for CFEngine enterprise reporting.
  • ...and much more!

Now that you have an overview of whats new, lets cover a few things you need to watch our for when upgrading.

Upgrade Gotchas


Array Keys are not iterated in the decalred order any more

The order of results returned by getindices function is not necessarily returned in the order defined. Example:

bundle agent example
    "array[key1]" string => "value1";
    "array[key2]" string => "value2";
    "array[key3]" string => "value3";

    "keys" slist => getindices(array);


The above policy will produce the following output on 3.5:

R: key1
R: key2
R: key3

The same policy in 3.6 will produce:

R: key1
R: key3
R: key2

If the resulting list order is important please consider the sort() and reverse() functions.

Function Caching

3.6 introduces function caching(https://docs.cfengine.com/docs/master/reference-functions.html#function-caching) to help further improve performance and execution speed.

This behavior can be disabled by setting the cache_system_functions common control attribute to "false". A function is cached when it is first evaluated and it's cached result is used until the end of the agent execution. If have previously depended on function re-evaluation in order to have proper results after an action has been taken consider guarding the function call to only be evaluated after a pre-conditional promise using conventional class guards, or the ifvarclass and depends_on attributes.

Files considered by update.cf have moved and changed

Previously body file_select u_input_files controlled which files were considered when performing a policy update. That list of extensions has moved to update_def.input_name_patterns. '*.conf', and '*.mustache' files have been added to the default list.

For more information, see the [FAQ][FAQ#i-have-added-new-files-in-masterfiles-but-my-remote-clients-are-not-getting-updates]

Enterprise Users

Options controlling which variables to report have moved and changed

In 3.6 we begin using tags to identify which variables and classes to report on. report_data_select has moved from controls/cf_serverd.cf to lib/$(sys.cf_version_major).$(sys.cf_version_minor)/reports.cf. In 3.6 we report on variables and namespace scope classes that are tagged with "inventory" or "report" using the new metatags_include and metatags_exclude attributes.

The following attributes have been deprecated in 3.6. Please tag the variables and classes you would like to report on appropriately. If you have any questions please contact support.

Host licenses paid deprecated

This option was deprecated in CFEngine 3.5 and is no longer valid syntax.

This information is embedded in your Enterprise license, simply ensure that host_license_paid is not defined in your body common control.