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The context def is populated by the Masterfiles Policy Framework and can also be populated by the augments file.

Note: Variables defined from policy in a bundle named def will override the variables defined by the augments file unless the policy explicitly guards against it.

For example mailto is only defined from policy if it is not yet defined by the augments file.:

bundle common def


  # ...

        string => "root@$(def.domain)",
        if => not(isvariable("mailto"));

  # ...


This variable gives a convenient way to invoke jq for the mapdata() function in json_pipe mode and elsewhere. Note the below is the default value defined in the C code that you can override in the vars section of the augments file or in policy as described above.

    # def.jq = jq --compact-output --monochrome-output --ascii-output --unbuffered --sort-keys