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This is where body agent control is defined. body agent control is where various settings related to cf-agent can be tuned.

agent bodies


Prototype: control


body agent control
      # Global default for time that must elapse before promise will be rechecked.
      # Don't keep any promises.


      # Minimum time (in minutes) which should have passed since the last time
      # the promise was verified before it is checked again.

      ifelapsed => "1";

      # Do not send IP/name during server connection if address resolution is broken.
      # Comment it out if you do NOT have a problem with DNS

      skipidentify => "true";

      # explicitly not supported (but they should break long before)
      abortclasses => { "cfengine_3_3", "cfengine_3_4", @(def.control_agent_abortclasses) };

      # The abortbundleclasses slist contains regular expressions that match
      # classes which if defined lead to termination of current bundle.
      abortbundleclasses => { @(def.control_agent_abortbundleclasses) };

      # Maximum number of outgoing connections to a remote cf-serverd.
      maxconnections => "$(def.control_agent_maxconnections)";

      # Environment variables of the agent process.
      # The values of environment variables are inherited by child commands
      # EMPTY list is not valid for environment attribute Ref: CFE-3927. So, we
      # do some validation on it so we can apply it selectively.


      environment => { @(def.control_agent_environment_vars) };

      # CFE-3622

      # File patterns which allow a file to be copied over only a single time
      # per agent run.

      files_single_copy => { @(def.control_agent_files_single_copy) };


      # Location to backup files before they are edited by cfengine

      default_repository => "$(def.control_agent_default_repository)";

      # Environment variables based on Distro


      agentfacility => "$(default:def.control_agent_agentfacility)";