Enterprise Reporting database

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Can I use an existing PostgreSQL installation?

No. Although CFEngine keeps its assumptions about Postgres to a bare minimum, CFEngine should use a dedicated PostgreSQL database instance to ensure there is no conflict with an existing installation.

Do I need experience with PostgreSQL?

PostgreSQL is highly configurable and you should have some in-house expertise to properly configure your database installation. The defaults are well tuned for common cases but you may find optimizations depending on your hardware and OS.

What is the system user for the CFEngine dedicated PostgreSQL database?

The database runs under the cfpostgres user.

What are the requirements for installing CFEngine Enterprise?

General Information

Users and Permissions

  • CFEngine Enterprise makes an attempt to create the local users cfapache and cfpostgres, as well as group cfapache during install.

How does Enterprise Scale?

See best practices on scalability

Is it normal to have many cf-hub processes running?

  • Yes, it is expected to have ~ 50 cf-hub processes running on a hub.

What steps should I take after installing CFEngine Enterprise?

There are general steps to be taken outlined in Post-Installation Configuration.

In addition to this, Enterprise uses the local mail relay, and it is assumed that the server where CFEngine Enterprise is installed on has proper mail setup.