Custom SSL Certificate

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When first installed a self-signed ssl certificate is automatically generated and used to secure Mission Portal and API communications. You can change this certificate out with a custom one by replacing /var/cfengine/httpd/ssl/certs/<hostname>.cert and /var/cfengine/httpd/ssl/private/<hostname>.key where hostname is the fully qualified domain name of the host.

After installing the certificate please make sure that the certificate at /var/cfengine/httpd/ssl/certs/<hostname>.cert is world-readable on the hub. This is needed because the Mission Portal web application needs to access it directly. You can test by verifying you can access the certificate with a unprivileged user account on the hub.

You can get the fully qualified hostname on your hub by running the following commands.

[root@hub ~]# cf-promises --show-vars=default:sys\.fqhost
default:sys.fqhost                       hub                                                          inventory,source=agent,attribute_name=Host name
[root@hub ~]# hostname -f