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Prototype: packageupdatesmatching(package_regex, version_regex, arch_regex, method_regex)

Return type: data

Description: Return a data container with the list of available packages matching the parameters.

This function searches for the anchored regular expressions in the list of currently available packages.

The return is a data container with a list of package descriptions, looking like this:



  • package_regex: string, in the range: .*
  • version_regex: string, in the range: .*
  • arch_regex: string, in the range: .*
  • method_regex: string, in the range: .*

Argument Descriptions:

  • package_regex - Regular expression matching packge name
  • version_regex - Regular expression matching package version
  • arch_regex - Regular expression matching package architecutre
  • method_regex - Regular expression matching package method (apt-get, rpm, etc ...)

IMPORTANT: Please note that you need to provide package_inventory attribute in body common control in order to be able to use this function. Also depending on the value(s) of package_inventory only packages from selected package modules will be returned. For more information about package_inventory please read package_inventory section.


      "all_package_updates" data => packageupdatesmatching(".*", ".*", ".*", ".*");

Refresh rules: * updates cache used by packageupdatesmatching() is refreshed at the end of each agent run in accordance with constraints defined in the relevant package module body. * updates cache is refreshed every time repo type package is installed or removed * updates cache is refreshed if no local cache exists. This means a reliable way to force a refresh of CFEngine's internal package cache is to simply delete the local cache:


History: Introduced in CFEngine 3.6

See also: packagesmatching(), Package information cache tunables in the MPF