Masterfiles ChangeLog

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See Also: Core Changelog, Enterprise Changelog

# Changelog
Notable changes to the framework should be documented here

    - Added date to known paths for linux (CFE-4069)
    - Added ssh in so that policy writers can use $(paths.ssh)
    - Amazon Linux now uses --setopt-exit_on_lock=True in redhat_no_locking_knowledge
    - Fixed apt-get package module version comparison (CFE-3976)
    - Stopped loading Apache modules on Enterprise Hubs by default:
      mod_auth_basic, mod_authz_host, mod_authz_owner, mod_dbd,
      mod_authn_file, mod_authz_dbm (ENT-8554)
    - Added check to make sure cf-execd is running after attempting self upgrade on Windows (ENT-9573)

    - Added Enterprise Hub postgresql.conf to files monitored for diffs by default
    - Added PostgreSQL tunables for Federated Reporting (ENT-8617)
    - Added lib/templates to packaged assets (ENT-8533)
    - Added support for Amazon Linux in standalone self upgrade (ENT-8274)
    - Added support for downloading windows packages as part of self upgrade
    - Enforce 755 perms on hub htdocs dir (ENT-8212)
    - Enforce proper owner and perms on docroot (ENT-8280)
    - Fixed FR clean bundle when off state (ENT-7969)
    - Fixed psql binary not found during Federated Reporting import (ENT-8353)
    - Fixed windows unattended self upgrade on Windows 2008 (ENT-8066)
    - Only run clean_when_off FR bundle when needed (ENT-8294)
    - Invalid feeder dump files are now skipped during import (ENT-8229)
    - Stopped lowercasing software inventory on Windows (ENT-8424)

    - Gave cfapache full access to docroot (ENT-8065)
    - Made apache restart more robust (ENT-8045)
    - Moved to root of httpd workdir (ENT-7966)
    - Enforced permissions for postgresql.log (ENT-7961)
    - Add interpreter attribute to standalone self upgrade package_module bodies
      (CFE-3703, ENT-5752)
    - Added almalinux as a know derivative of rhel (ENT-7644)
    - Added cleanup of database and status semaphore when federation target_state is off
    - Added fallback logic for determining installed software version on Windows
    - Added lsmod to well known paths (CFE-3790)
    - Adjusted permissions for Mission Portal public tmp files (ENT-7261)
    - Always update modules from masterfiles to $(sys.workdir)/modules (ENT-5752)
    - Autorun bundles now run regardless of locks
      Previously, when the autorun feature was enabled to automatically run bundles
      tagged with autorun the bundle actuation was affected by promise locking. The
      effect of this is that agent runs that happen close together would skip running
      bundles run within the last minute. Now autorun bundles no longer wait for a
      lock to expire, they will be actuated each agent execution. Note, promises
      within those bundles have their own locks which still apply. (CFE-3795)
    - Fixed package module augments settings usage for pre 3.15.3 binaries
      (ENT-7356, ENT-7358)
    - Fixed path in permissions and ownership promise for application log dir
    - Fixup zypper package module script to work properly with interpreter attribute
    - Stopped enforcing root ownership for CFEngine files on Windows
    - Ensured exported reports from Mission Portal are in the correct location
    - Physical Memory (MB) inventory now handles dmidecode MB or GB units
    - Enforced permissions for Mission Portal application and Apache log files
    - Removed build dir from install/dist targets (ENT-7359)
    - Renamed python symlink to cfengine-selected-python (CFE-3512)
    - redhat_pure is no longer defined on rocky linux (ENT-7628)
    - Set apache umask to 0177 (ENT-7948)
    - Use masterfiles/modules or $(master_location)/modules as source for modules update
    - setup-status.json is no longer being repaired over and over on FR feeder hubs

    - Added ability to specify a list of bundles to run before autorun (for classification)
    - Added ability to specify additional directories to add autorun policy from
    - Added apk package module support for alpinelinux (CFE-3451)
    - Added default cf_version_release of 1 when sys var missing (ENT-6219)
    - Added description of psql_lock_wait_before_acquisition measurement
    - Added inventory of Setgid files and Setgid files that are root owned
    - Added missing packages modules scripts in makefile (ENT-6814)
    - Added standalone self upgrade capability for Windows agents
      (ENT-6219, ENT-6823)
    - Added verbose logfile for msiexec package module file installs
      (ENT-6220, ENT-6824)
    - Disabled TLSv1 by default for Mission Portal's web server (ENT-6783)
    - Enabled packages promises using package_module without bundle def
    - Fixed ability to define users authorized for using cf-runagent on policy servers
    - Fixed alpine apk packages module to parse names properly (CFE-3585)
    - Fixed docs describing xdev behavior in depth_search bodies (CFE-3541)
    - Fixed loading of platform specific inventory on AIX (CFE-3614)
    - Prevent setgid files from causing continual repair related to setuid file inventory
    - Suppressed inform output from Enterprise Hub database maintenance operations
    - Suppressed output from watchdog on AIX to prevent the mail spool from filling up
    - Use VBScript to enumerate installed packages on Windows (ENT-4669)
    - add /usr/bin/yum to for aix (CFE-3615)
    - service status on FreeBSD now uses onestatus (CFE-3515)

    - Added .csv to the list of file extensions considered by default during policy update
    - Added ability to extend known paths without modifying vendored policy
    - Added docs for Federated Reporting Duplicate Host Handling and small re-org
    - Added inventory for Timezone and GMT Offset (ENT-6161)
    - Added inventory for policy servers (ENT-6212)
    - Added optional handle duplicates step in federated reporting import
    - Added replace_uncommented_substrings (ENT-6117)
    - Added service states "active" and "inactive" for systemd (ENT-6074)
    - Added watchdog for Windows (ENT-5538)
    - Aligned systemd services behavior for service_policy => "enable|enabled|disable|disabled"
    - Changed group for state dir files promise to match defaults per OS
    - Removed unnecessary packages promise on SuSE (ENT-5480, ENT-6375)
    - Replaced @ignore with useful doc strings (CFE-3378)
    - Stopped disabling disabled systemd unit each run when disabled state requested
    - Stopped trying to edit fields in manage_variable_values_ini
     - Fixed converge edit_line bundle not deleting lines containing marker
     - Added bundle edit_line converge_prepend with same behavior as bundle edit_line converge,
       but inserting at start of content. (CFE-3483)
     - Fixed interpretation of cf-hub --show-license from REPAIRED to KEPT (ENT-6473)

    - Admitted ::1 as a query source on Enterprise hubs (ENT-5531)
    - Changed m_inventory dumping behavior to exclude when values are null
    - Fixed typo preventing recommendation bundles from running (CFE-3305)
    - HA setups no longer have flipping permissions on /opt/cfengine/notification_scripts
    - Made python symlink fall back to platform-python (CFE-3291)
    - Modified cftransport cleanup to avoid errors (ENT-5555)
    - Release number was added to MPF tarballs (ENT-5429)
    - Stopped continual repair of ha_enabled semaphore (ENT-4715)
    - The zypper module is now fully compatible with Python 3 (CFE-3364)

    - /var/cfengine/bin/python symlink creation on SLES was fixed
    - Added 'data' shortcut to cf-serverd, defaults to sys.workdir/data
    - Added inventory for CFEngine Enterprise License information
      (ENT-5089, ENT-5279)
    - Added inventory of NFS servers in use (from /proc/mounts, on linux)
    - Added inventory of license owner on enterprise hubs (ENT-5337)
    - Added paths support for opensuse (CFE-3283)
    - Added zypper as default package manager for opensuse (CFE-3284)
    - Corrected application/logs path to outside of docroot (ENT-5255)
    - Fixed dmi inventory to prefer sysfs to dmidecode for most variables for improved performance and to handle e.g. CoreOS hosts that don't have dmidecode.
    - Fixed permission flip flop when policy analyzer is enabled (ENT-5235)
    - Fixed system UUID inventory for certain VMWare VMs where dmidecode gives UUID bytes in wrong order.
    - Improved resliliance of cron watchdog for linux (CFE-3258)
    - Prevented inventory of unresolved variables for diskfree and loadavg
    - Standard services now considers systemd services in ActiveState=activating active
    - Suppress useless inform output from /bin/true in ec2 inventory
    - Fixed selection of standard_services when used explicitly from non-default namespace (ENT-5406)

    - Added package_module for snap (CFE-2811)
    - Fixed pkgsrc in case where multiple Prefix paths are returned for pkg_install (CFE-3152)
    - Fixed pkgsrc module on Solaris/NetBSD (CFE-3151)
    - Moved zypper package module errors to the cf-agent output (CFE-3154)
    - Added new class mpf_enable_cfengine_systemd_component_management to enable
        component management on systemd hosts. When defined on systemd hosts policy
        will render systemd unit files in /etc/systemd/system for managed services
        and that all units are enabled unless explicitly disabled. When this class
        is not defined on systemd hosts the policy will not actively mange cfengine
        service units (no change from previous behavior) (CFE-2429)
    - Fixed detection of service state on FreeBSD (CFE-3167)
    - Added known paths for true and false on linux
    - Fixed path for restorecon on redhat systems to /sbin/restorecon
    - Added usermod to known paths for redhat systems
    - Added policy to manage federated reporting with CFEngine Enterprise
    - Introduced augments variable `control_hub_query_timeout` to control cf-hub query timeout.
    - Added OOTB inventory for IPv6 addresses (sans ::1 loopback)
    - Added and transitioned to using master_software_updates shortcut in self upgrade policy
    - Added brief descriptions to bodies and bundles in cfe_internal/
    - Added support for SUSE 11, 12 in standalone self upgrade (ENT-5045, ENT-5152)
    - Changed policy triggering cleanup of __lastseenhostlogs to target only
        3.12.x, 3.13.x and 3.14.x. From 3.15.0 on the table is absent. (ENT-5052)
    - Fixed agent disabling on systemd systems (CFE-2429, CFE-3416)
    - Ensured directory for custom action scripts is present (ENT-5070)
    - Excluded Enterprise federation policy parsing on incompatible versions
    - Extended watchdog for AIX (ENT-4995)
    - Fixed cleanup of future timestamps from status table
        (ENT-4331, ENT-4992)
    - Fixed re-spawning of cf-execd or cf-monitord after remediating duplicate concurrent processes
    - Replaced /var/cfengine with proper $(sys.*) vars (ENT-4800)

    - Added continual checking for policy_server state (CFE-3073)
    - Added monitoring for postgresql lock acquisition times (ENT-4753)
    - Added support for 'awk' filters in the FR dump-import process (ENT-4839)
    - Added support for configuring abortclasses and abortbundleclasses via
      augments (ENT-4823)
    - Added support for filtering in both dump and import phases of the FR
      ETL process (ENT-4839)
    - Added support for ordering FR awk and sed scripts (ENT-4839)
    - Added support for setting periodic package inventory refresh interval
      via augments (CFE-2771)
    - Changed FR policy to honor target_state properly (ENT-4874)
    - Copy .awk and .sed files from masterfiles to inputs (ENT-4839)
    - Fixed Python 3 incompatibility in yum package module
    - Fixed synchronization of important configuration files from active to
      passive hub (ENT-4944)
    - Made keys of all types from feeder hubs trusted on a superhub (ENT-4917)
    - Speeded-up FR import process by merging INSERT INTO statements (ENT-4839)
    - Suppressed stderr output from lldpctl when using path defined by
      def.lldpctl_json (CFE-3109)
    - Added SQL to update feeder update timestamp during import (ENT-4776)
    - Added ssh_home_t type to cftransport .ssh dir (ENT-4906)
    - fix use of _stdlib_path_exists_ in FR transport_user policy
      bundle (ENT-4906)
    - partitioned __inventory table for federated reporting (ENT-4842)
    - psql_wrapper needed full path to psql binary (ENT-4912)
    - yum package_module gets updates available from online repos if local
      cache fails (CFE-3094)

    - Fixed isvariable syntax error in (CFE-2953)
    - Added path support for setfacl, timedatectl and journalctl (CFE-3013)
    - Added trailing slash to access promises expecting directories
    - Added scripts and templates for Federated Reporting (ENT-4473)
    - rpm python module is no longer required to check zypper version
    - Changed cleanup consumer status SQL query (ENT-4365)
    - Conditioned use of curl for ec2 metadata cache on curl binary being executable
    - Added augments variables to control cf-hub (ENT-4269)
    - Prevented DB maintenance tasks on a passive High Availability hub (ENT-4706)
    - Repair outcome for starting cf-monitord or cf-execd is no longer suppressed
    - Restrictive permissions on hub install log are now enforced (ENT-4506)
    - Ensured that asynchronous query API semaphores are writable (ENT-4551)
    - Fixed standalone_self_upgrade not triggering because of stale data
    - Fixed maintenance policy for promise log cleanup to respect history_length_days
    - Improved efficiency and error handling of user specified policy update bundle
    - Log version of Enterprise agent outside of state (ENT-4352)
    - Added package module for managing windows packages using msiexec (ENT-3719)
    - Prevented inventorying un-expanded memory values from cf-monitord (ENT-4522)
    - Prevented performance overhead on hubs that don't enable license utilization logging
    - Collection status records in the future are now purged (ENT-4362)
    - Reduced cost of knowing when setopt is available in yum (CFE-2993)
    - runalerts is now restarted if modified (ENT-4273)
    - Separated kill signals from restart class to avoid warning (CFE-2974)
    - Separated termination and observation promises for cf-monitord
    - Set default access promises for directories to only share if directory exists
    - Set default value for purge_scheduled_reports_older_than_days
    - Added more accurate and descriptive daemon classes
    - collect_window in body server control can now be set from augments
    - Guarded vars promises in cfe_internal_enterprise_mission_portal_apache
      Constrain vars promises in cfe_internal_enterprise_mission_portal_apache
      to policy_server.enterprise_edition::, otherwise "cf-promises --show-vars"
      includes a dump of the entire datastate from the "data" variable in
      cfe_internal_enterprise_mission_portal_apache (line over 100K long).
    - redhat_pure is no longer defined on Fedora hosts (CFE-3022)

    - Add debian 9 to the self upgrade package map (ENT-4255)
    - Add 'system-uuid' to default dmidecode inventory (CFE-2925)
    - Add inventory of AWS EC2 linux instances (CFE-2924)
    - Add ubuntu 18 to package map for self upgrade (ENT-4118)
    - Allow dmidefs inventory to be overridden via augments (CFE-2927)
    - Analyze yum return code before parsing its output (CFE-2868)
    - Fixed issue when promise to edit file that does not exist caused "promise
      not kept" condition (ENT-3965)
    - Avoid trying to read /proc/meminfo when it doesn't exist (CFE-2922)
    - Avoid use of $(version) for package_version in legacy implementation
    - Cleanup old report data relative to the most recent changetimestamp
    - Clear `__lastseenhostslogs` every 5 minutes. (ENT-3550)
    - Configure Enterprise hub pull collection schedule via augments
    - Configure agent_expireafter from augments (ENT-4308)
    - Create desired version tracking data when necessary (ENT-3937)
    - Cron based watchdog for cf-execd on AIX (ENT-3963)
    - Detect systemd service enablement for non native services (CFE-2932)
    - Document how def.acl is used and how to configure it (CFE-2861)
    - Fix augments control state paths to work on windows (ENT-3839)
    - Fix package_latest detecting larger version in some cases (CFE-1743)
    - Fix standalone self upgrade when path contains spaces (ENT-4117)
    - Fix unattended self upgrade on AIX (ENT-3972)
    - Fix services starting on windows (ENT-3883)
    - Improve performance of enterprise license utilization logging
    - Inventory Memory on HPUX (ENT-4188)
    - Inventory Physical Memory MB when dmidecode is found (CFE-2896)
    - Inventory Setuid Files (ENT-4158)
    - Inventory memory on Windows (ENT-4187)
    - Make recommendations about postgresql.conf (ENT-3958)
    - Only consider files that exist for rotation (ENT-3946)
    - Prevent noise when a service that should be disabled is missing.
    - Prevent standalone self upgrade from triggering un-necessarily
    - Remove Design Center related policies
      Design center never left beta and has been deprecated. Supporting policies have
      been removed. If you wish to continue using design center sketches you must
      incorporate them into inputs and the bundlesequence manually.
    - Remove unicode characters (ENT-3823)
    - Remove templates for deprecated components (ENT-3781)
    - Remove un-necessary agent run during self upgrade (ENT-4116)
    - Slackware package module support (CFE-2827)
    - Specify scope => "namespace" when using persistent classes (CFE-2860)
    - Store the epoch of packages in cache db with zypper
    - Sync cf-runalerts override unit template with package (ENT-3923)
    - Update policy can now skip local copy optimization on policy servers
    - Updated yum package module to take arbitrary options (ENT-4177)
    - Use default for package arch on aix (ENT-3963)
    - Use rpmvercmp for version comparison on AIX (ENT-3963)
    - Users allowed to request execution via cf-runagent can be configured
    - apt_get package module includes held packages when listing updates

    - Avoid executing self upgrade policy unnecessarily (ENT-3592)
    - Add amazon_linux class to yum package module
    - Introduce ability to set policy update bundle via augments (CFE-2687)
    - Localize delete tidy in ha update policy (ENT-3659)
    - Improve context notifying user of missing policy update bundle
    - Configure ignore_missing_inputs and ignore_missing_bundles via augments
    - Change class identifying runagent initiated executions from cfruncommand to cf_runagent_initated
    - Support enablerepo and disablerepo options in yum package_module
    - Fix cf-runagent during 3.7.x -> 3.10.x migration
      (CFE-2776, CFE-2781, CFE-2782)
    - Makes it possible to tune policy master_location via augments in update policy
    - Fix inventory for total memory on AIX (CFE-2797)
    - Do not manage redis since it's no longer used (ENT-2797)
    - Server control maxconnections can be configured via augments
    - Allow configuration of allowlegacyconnects from augments (ENT-3375)
    - Fix ability for zypper package_module to downgrade packages
    - Splaytime in body executor control can now be configured via augments
    - Add maintenance policy to refresh events table on enterprise hubs
    - Add apache config for new LDAP API (ENT-3265)
    - bundlesequence can be configured via augments (CFE-2521)
    - Update policy inputs can be extended via augments (CFE-2702)
    - Add oracle linux support to standalone self upgrade
    - Add bundle to track component variables to restart when necessary
    - Retention of files found in log directories can now be configured via augments
    - Allow multiple sections in insert_ini_section (CFE-2721)
    - Add lines_present edit_lines bundle
    - Schedule in body executor control can now be configured via augments
    - Include scheduled report assets in self maintenance (ENT-3558)
    - Remove unused body action aggregator and body file_select folder
    - Remove unused body process_count check_process
    - Prevent yum from locking in package_methods when possible
    - Render variables tagged for inventory from agent host_info_report
    - Make apt_get package module work with repositories containing spaces in the label
    - Allow hubs to collect from themselves over loopback (ENT-3329)
    - Log file max size and rotation limits can now be configured via augments
    - Change: Do not silence Enterprise hub maintenance
    - Ensure HA standby hubs have am_policy_hub state marker (ENT-3328)
    - Add support for 32bit rpms in standalone self upgrade (ENT-3377)
    - Add enterprise maintenance bundles to host info report (ENT-3537)
    - Removed unnecessary promises for OOTB package inventory
    - Add external watchdog support for stuck cf-execd (ENT-3251)
    - Be less noisy when a promised service is not found (CFE-2690)
    - Ignore empty options in apt_get module (CFE-2685)
    - Add postgres.log to enterprise log file rotation (ENT-3191)
    - Removed unnecessary support for including 3.6 controls
    - Fix systemctl path detection
    - Policy Release Id is now inventoried by default (CFE-2097)
    - Fix to frequent logging of enterprise license utilization (ENT-3390)
    - Maintain access to exported CSV reports in older versions (ENT-3572)
    - cf-execd service override template now only kills cf-execd on stop
    - Fix self upgrade for hosts older than 3.7.4 (ENT-3368)
    - Avoid self upgrade from triggering during bootstrap (ENT-3394)
    - Add json templates for rendering serial and multiline data (CFE-2713)
    - Removed unused libraries and controls
    - Fixed an error in the file_make_mustache_*, incorrect variable name used

    - Rename enable_client_initiated_reporting to client_initiated_reporting_enabled
    - Directories for ubuntu 16 and centos 7 should exist in master_software_updates
    - Fix: Automatic client upgrades for deb hosts
    - Add AIX OOTB oslevel inventory (ENT-3117)
    - Disable package inventory via modules on redhat like systems with unsupported python versions
    - Make stock policy update more resiliant (CFE-2587)
    - Configure networks allowed to initiate report collection (client initiated reporting) via augments (#910)
    - apt_get package module: Fix bug which prevented updates
      from being picked up if there was more than one source listed in the
      'apt upgrade' output, without a comma in between (CFE-2605)
    - Enable specification of monitoring_include via augments (CFE-2505)
    - Configure call_collect_interval from augments (enable_client_initiated_reporting) (#905)
    - Add templates shortcut (CFE-2582)
    - Behaviour change: when used with CFEngine 3.10.0 or greater,
      bundles set_config_values() and set_line_based() are appending a
      trailing space when inserting a configuration option with empty value
    - Add default report collection exclusion based on promise handle
    - Fix ability to select INI region with metachars (CFE-2519)
    - Change: Verify transfered files during policy update
    - Change select_region INI_section to match end of section or end of file
    - Add class to enable post transfer verrification during policy updates
    - Add: prunetree bundle to stdlib
      The prunetree bundle allws you to delete files and directories up to a
      sepcified depth older than a specified number of days
    - Do not symlink agents to /usr/local/bin on coreos (ENT-3047)
    - Add: Ability to set default_repository via augments
    - Enable settig def.max_client_history_size via augments (CFE-2560)
    - Change self upgrade now uses standalone policy (ENT-3155)
    - Fix apt_get package module incorrectly using interactive mode
    - Add ability to append to bundlesequnece with def.json (CFE-2460)
    - Enable paths to POSIX tools by default instead of native tools
    - Remove bundle agent cfe_internal_bins (CFE-2636)
    - Include previous_state and untracked reports when client clear a buildup of unreported data
    - Fix command to restart apache on config change (ENT-3134)
    - cf-serverd listens on ipv4 and ipv6 by default (CFE-528)
    - FixesMake apt_get module compatible with Ubuntu 16.04 (CFE-2445)
    - Fix rare bug that would sometimes prevent redis-server from launching
    - Add oslevel to well known paths (ENT-3121)
    - Add policy to track CFEngine Enterprise license utilization
    - Ensure MP SSL Cert is readable (ENT-3050)

    - Add: Classes body tailored for use with diff
    - Change: Session Cookies use HTTPOnly and secure attribtues (ENT-2781)
    - Change: Verify transfered files during policy update
    - Add: Inventory for system product name (model) (ENT-2780)
    - Add: Ensure appropriate permissions for SSL files (ENT-760)
    - Fix rare bug that would sometimes prevent redis-server from launching.
    - Change: Enable strict transport security
    - Add: Definition of from_cfexecd for cf-execd initiated runs
    - Add testing jUnit and TAP bundles and include them in
    - Change: Rename duplicate bodies in (ENT-2753)
    - Change: Disable RC4 Cipher for ssl in Mission Portal
    - Pass package promise options to underlying apt-get call (#802)
    - Change: Enable agent component management policy on systemd hosts
    - Add: Enterprise appliaction log dir to rotation
    - Change: re-enable hub process maintainance
    - Add: edit_line contains_literal_string to stdlib
    - Fix: Services starting or stopping unnecessarily (CFE-2421)
    - Allow specifying agent maxconnections via def.json (CFE-2461)
    - Change: Disable http TRACE method
    - Change: Reduce Enteprise webserver info
    - Change: cronjob bundle tolerates different spacing
    - Fix: CFEngine choking on standard services (CFE-2806)
    - Change select_region INI_section to match end of section or end of file
    - Fix ability to manage INI sections with metachars for
      manage_variable_values_ini and set_variable_values_ini (CFE-2519)
    - Fix apt_get package module incorrectly using interactive mode.
    - Add ability to append to bundlesequnece with def.json (CFE-2460)
    - Behaviour change: when used with CFEngine 3.10.0 or greater,
      bundles set_config_values() and set_line_based() are appending a
      trailing space when inserting a configuration option with empty value.

 - Support for user specified overring of framework defaults without modifying
   policy supplied by the framework itself (see example_def.json)
 - Support for def.json class augmentation in update policy
 - Run vacuum operation on postgresql every night as a part of maintenance.
 - Add measure_promise_time action body to lib (3.5, 3.6, 3.7, 3.8)
 - New negative class guard `cfengine_internal_disable_agent_email` so that
   agent email can be easily disabled by augmenting def.json
 - Relocate to controls/VER/
 - Relocate update_def to controls/VER
 - Relocate all controls to controls/VER
 - Only load cf_hub and on CFEngine Enterprise installs
 - Relocate acls related to report collection from bundle server access_rules
   to controls/VER/ into bundle server report_access_rules
 - Re-organize cfe_internal splitting core from enterprise specific policies
   and loading the appropriate inputs only when necessary
 - Moved update directory into cfe_internal as it is not generally intended to
   be modified
 - services/ moved to lib/VER/ as it is not generally intended to be
 - To improve predictibility autorun bundles are activated in lexicographical
 - Relocate services/ to cfe_internal/enterprise. This policy is
   most useful for a good OOTB experience with CFEngine Enterprise Mission
 - Relocate service_catalogue from to services/ It is
   intended to be a user entry. This name change correlates with the main
   bundle being activated by default if there is no bundlesequence specified.
 - Reduce benchmarks sample history to 1 day.
 - Update policy no longer generates a keypair if one is not found. (Redmine: #7167)
 - Relocate cfe_internal_postgresql_maintenance bundle to lib/VER/
 - Set postgresql_monitoring_maintenance only for versions 3.6.0 and 3.6.1
 - Move hub specific bundles from lib/VER/ into lib/VER/
   and load them only if policy_server policy if set.
 - Re-organize lib/VER/ from lists into classic array for use with getvalues
 - inform_mode classes changed to DEBUG|DEBUG_$(this.bundle):: (Redmine: #7191)
 - Enabled limit_robot_agents in order to work around multiple cf-execd
   processes after upgrade. (Redmine #7185)
 - Remove Diff reporting on /etc/shadow (Enterprise)
 - Update policy from inputs. There is no reason to include the
   update policy into, is the entry for the update policy
 - _not_repaired outcome from classes_generic and scoped_classes generic (Redmine: # 7022)
 - standard_services now restarts the service if it was not already running
   when using service_policy => restart with chkconfig (Redmine #7258)
 - Fix process_result logic to match the purpose of body process_select
   days_older_than (Redmine #3009)